On the picture there is an owner of Polished Guitars store. It's portrait photo.
"My goal is to acquire only the most interesting vintage guitars, then give them second life, let them inspire me and when the right time comes: sell them to inspire someone else. Is that you? ;)"
I'm an owner of small collection of Vintage Japanese Guitars. I'm focused on couple of brands from so called Golden Lawsuit Era: Tokai, Greco, Fernandes and Fresher.
Listed guitars are the instruments I found all around the world, mostly from rare or the best series and years.
Every guitar in this little boutique store is ready to play (stage-ready) no matter if you're bedroom player or experienced stage professional.

Guitars are stored in my home in perfect conditions: the air is always fresh thanks to the mechanic ventilation and the humidity is perfect for guitars, always controlled by automated humidifier. Yeah I'm a bit guitar nerd 😉

To be honest I don't sell a lot of guitars. I don't make my living of it and I prefer to keep them, because all of them are great players and... Their prices are only rising 😎 Sometimes you just need to let some air to you collection, sometimes you're looking for new, maybe more expensive goals and them you need to let your guitars to inspire some other guitarist 😊

You can test all guitars on my tube amps and boutique guitar pedals, but you're free to visit me and bring all your tools and full stage setup.
PolishedGuitars.com ship our guitars worldwide, with 14 days return-guarantee.

I'm an active user of a great facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GrecoVintageGuitars, I invite you there, to the place where knowledge about Vintage Japanese Guitars flows freely 😉

The PolishedGuitars.com store interior. Store with vintage guitars
In this paragraph, I'm going to tell you about my fetish...

Have you ever bought the vintage guitar? Did you ever know that guitars haven't change so much during half of the century? Take the Fender Statocaster for instance: it has been the same since 10th of April, 1956 when Leo Fender filled the patent application for his tremolo system. Isn't it odd?

Moreover however, guitars are so different! You nearly can't find two exactly the same! Why is it like that?
Firstly because of the components... Every piece of wood is different, some want to be a table, some want to be a good guitar.
Secondly, it's because of brands and country of origins. You'd be so surprised how Japanese work ethic above all keeps highest standards in their guitars.
Thirdly and most importantly: craftsmanship! Every guitar has some kind of luthier's signature, therefore, it makes guitars so interesting!

Aria Pro II RG-680 the Rickenbacker 620 lawsuit copy from Japan

Do you already know what's my fetish? My fetish is to know everything about guitar I bought. It's nearly impossible when you buy used vintage one, or at least most of sellers don't care so much about the real story behind every guitar they sell.
I feel completely opposite. I want to know every answer!

That's why when you buy from PolishedGuitars.com, you receive not only guitar. You get the all possible information. You can be sure, we did everything in our power to ensure proper identification of:
- production year,
- factory that made it,
- what it's made of and original specs,
- all quoting in original catalogs,
- all modifications made by previous users,
- opinions of other users,
- original price and current price range,
and many more!

We all like to test our guitars with an amp we own, so I offer you 14 days to test this guitar. If you don’t like it, you simply send it back to me with no hassle.

Every shipment from PolishedGuitars.com is packed in protecting package. However feel invited to my home to drink a cup of good coffee and test all instruments I have at the moment.

Coffee in a small cup.

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