We all like to test our guitars with an amp we own, so I offer you 14 days to test this guitar. If you don’t like it, you simply send it back to me with no hassle.

Guitar in very good condition, right after the setup, new D’Addario 10-46 strings, freshly polished frets and cleaned electronics. Stage-ready Tokai for really nice money!

This is a first guitar I have bought and imported from Japan by myself.
I thought I’m never going to sell it, but my collection of Made in Japan guitars needs some fresh air 😉 Right now it’s time to move forward for me, and for you it’s time to buy great Tokai Strat for very reasonable money, below its market’s value.

The reason why, at some point, I decided to not sell it was the fact that this Goldstar Sound is modified, and those kind of guitars have lower value. I simply didn’t want to sell great Stratocaster for a small amount of money.

More about guitar and mods you can read at the end of a video.


  • Tokai TST-60 OW;
  • 1984;
  • Original frets, 70% remaining. Levelled, polished and stage-ready;
  • 25,5″ scale;
  • 21 frets;
  • Alder body;
  • Maple fingerboard; (looking for rosewood fingerboard? check: Fernandes Stratocaster FST60) ;
  • Maple neck;
  • Neck profile: soft V;
  • Radius: 7,25″;
  • Vintage Kluson styled, Tokai Tuners;
  • Vintage Fender Tremolo bridge, block and saddles;
  • Fernandes singles:
    • neck: Black Bobbin L-5001 ( Fernandes RST80) 5,9kΩ ,
    • bridge i middle: staggered poles gray bottoms (Fernandes RST50) singles probably same as Tokai U-stamped but without stamp, from the same contractor, probably Gotoh
    • pots, switches, cables probably out of Fernandes, all made by Noble
  • Fender bigBag inclued;
  • Comes in a professional transportation box, ready to be shipped.
Weight3,5 kg
Dimensions110 × 40 × 30 cm










Country of origin






Neck profile

Vintage V

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Tokai TST60 OW Goldstar Sound Olimpic White 1984, 1957 Stratocaster copy. Made in Japan.


Bright and punchy Stratocaster!

This guitar stands for everything that we expect from MIJ stratocasters.

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