We all like to test our guitars with an amp we own, so I offer you 14 days to test this guitar. If you don’t like it, you simply send it back to me with no hassle.

Fernandes FST-60 from 1978 when those guitars were made by Tokai. Vintage Stratocaster at it finest: small frets, comfortable V-Shaped neck profile, clear but springy sounding pickups. Specs nearly the same as vintage Fender Stratocaster 1957.

Fully restored, stage-ready vintage axe. Guitar is all original, in beautifully aged Cream White thin poly finish (wood grain and texture is visible through the lacquer). It comes with two pickguards, original 1ply white and yellow tortoise 3ply that’s currently installed.

What characterizes this Fernandes FST Stratocaster is definitely vintage edgy and bright sound with no buzzes and very low level hums thanks to copper shielding we did on control cavities and pickguard.

Only one thing that can be considered as con in these early era guitars are one-cast bridges, which are a bit less stable comparing to two-cast tremolo bridges, but on the other hand it’s completely historically accurate. This is the same type of bridge as Fender was using in vintage 1957 Stratocasters.
To be honest those Strats are probably the most affordable vintage replicas you can get 🤷‍♂️

Demo video shows this Fernandes FST in solo from Let it Be by The Beatles. Guitar is plugged to Yamaha THRII amp and recorded directly from it to a computer.


  • Fernandes FST-60 made by Tokai;
  • 1978;
  • Original frets, 70% remaining. Polished and stage-ready;
  • 25,5″ scale;
  • 21 frets;
  • Rosewood fingerboard; (check other guitars with maple fingerboard: Tokai, Greco)
  • Maple neck;
  • Neck profile: V;
  • Radius: 7,25″;
  • Vintage Kluson Deluxe- style tuning keys,
  • S.T.C made in Japan tremolo bridge;
  • Original electric circuit and pots,
  • Soft black case included;
  • Comes in a box, ready to be shipped.

Mods made on this Stratocaster:

  • original pickguard (comes with guitar) replaced with aftermarket 3 ply yellow tortoise pickguard;
  • fully shielded control cavities and pickguard (no hum!)
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S.T.C Tremolo

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Neck Profile




Fernandes FST-60, made in 1978 by Tokai, Vintage Stratocaster


Purest Vintage!

When you grab such an instrument, you feel almost obliged to play one of those old school tunes!

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